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Steve Wright, a senior digital effects artist with over 20 years of production experience, has created digital effects shots for over 60 feature films and 70 broadcast television commercials. He has extensive production experience over a wide range of features including such films as "Air Force One", "Ali", "Batman & Robin", and many, many others. His production experience includes IMAX films, image processing, film restoration, cgi, titling, and even stereoscopic ride films. In addition to digital effects, Steve also worked within Cinesite's digital intermediate group so his expertise includes several years experience with the digital intermediate post-production process. He is also a writer, speaker, lecturer, and trainer on digital effects and digital intermediate and has published a highly rated book on digital compositing. Steve now offers his extensive digital effects and digital intermediate expertise on a consulting and freelance basis.

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Consulting: Visual Effects Supervisor, Digital Intermediate Supervisor, Digtal Effects Consulting, Author, Writer, Speaker, Lecturer, Steve Wright, The Digital Imaging Guru

Visual Effects Supervisor

Steve has extensive production experience with 2D and 3D digital effects on big budget feature films in studios large and small. His detailed understanding of the technical issues and production procedures for the creation of digital effects makes him an excellent candidate for visual effects supervisor. He is highly experienced with storyboard breakdowns, scene planning, and well qualified for visual effects studio selection and qualification.

Digital Intermediate Supervisor

For several years Steve was the Technical Director for Kodak's Cinesite Digital Intermediate (now Laser Pacific) and has shepherded a dozen feature films through the DI process. He has an in-depth understanding of how to set up a feature film for a smooth DI experience including the visual effects shots, opticals, and titling. The DI process is a new technology and does not yet have established industry practices which makes it difficult for filmmakers to prepare and make good choices. As your Digital Intermediate Supervisor, Steve will select and qualify the most cost-effective DI facility that is appropriate for your feature, coach your editorial, post-production, and digital effects staff on how to prepare for a DI, and be your representative at the DI facility to smooth its flow through the process.

Digital Effects Consulting

Highly experienced working with 35mm film as well as video, Steve's production experience goes beyond digital effects to include image processing, film restoration, digital cel animation, digital intermediate, and digital cinema. Beyond his extensive production experience, he has also mastered the science and math behind these processes and has published a very popular book on the subject, "Digital Compositing for Film and Video". If you need an expert on digital effects on your business team, Steve is the man for you.

Author and Writer

Steve Wright has extensive publishing credits in the fields of digital effects and digital intermediate. In addition to authoring his own popular book on digital compositing, has also written the corporate Digital Intermediate "white paper" for DIP R-evolution's Assimilate 2K color corrector product and published several articles on the Digital Intermediate film finishing process. If you need an expert on digital processes to write technical or marketing documents for your business, Steve is the writer for you.

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Speaker and Lecturer

Steve is also a highly rated speaker and lecturer on the subjects of digital effects, digital intermediate, and digital cinema. His many speaking engagements include: Siggraph; keynote speaker at trade symposiums; and guest lecturer at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). His talks are highly informative, entertaining, and richly supported with visual examples. Steve is also the author of the highly rated book on digital effects, "Digital Compositing for Film and Video" (

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Freelance Production Work: Digtial Effects Artist,  feature film titiling

Freelance Digital Effects

As a freelance digital effects compositor, Steve produces feature film effects shots using a Mac G5 with Shake 4.0. His extensive production experience guarantees excellent technical and artistic work which can be turned around on a very tight schedule. Steve regularly delivers 2k feature film compositing and is an expert on compositing Cineon or DPX log images. Jobs are sent and received on DVD, firewire drives, and ftp sites.

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Feature Film Titling

Steve has also completed the titling (main titles, lower thirds, subtitles, end titles, end crawl) for 19 projects, almost all for feature films. He is expert in compositing titles over 2k feature film log images plus creating title safe versions for 4x3 pan and scan. Jobs are sent and received on DVD, firewire drives, and ftp sites.

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Training: Shake, Cineon, Digital Intermediate, Digital Compositing, Log, Lin, Steve Wright, The Digital Imaging Guru

Nuke or Shake Training

Steve is also a master compositing technique trainer and an expert on compositing using Apple's Shake and The Foundry's Nuke compositing programs. His Shake training includes numerous clients from around the world. His advanced Shake training includes productivity tips, creating macros, compositing with log film scans, and cgi compositing with log images. Training materials are provided, prepared in advance and customized to the requirements of the facility. Steve has recently added Nuke training to his offerings and is listed on The Foundry's Nuke training web site.

Log (Logarithmic) Image Compositing

Steve is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable senior compositors on the arcane subject of compositing log images for feature film. With eight years of production experience at Kodak's Cinesite, he learned the science and math of compositing log images from Kodak's original creators of the process. Expert in both the art and science, Steve can teach your staff how to pull mattes and composite with log images, combine linear elements such as matte paintings or HiDef video with log images, properly composite and color correct linear cgi elements with log images, and convert all cgi shots to log space and color correct them. On-site hands-on training experiences of a couple days to one week or more are available. Training materials and images are provided.

Master Compositor Training

Regardless of the platform or the brand of compositing software you use, there are universally applied principles for all digital effects compositing. Steve will train your staff on the core techniques of matte extraction, despill, compositing, color correction, motion tracking, 2D animation, wire and rig removal, plus warps and morphs. A special emphasis is placed on productivity techniques to enhance the throughput of the digital artist in order to shorten production schedules and lower costs to ensure the financial success of the digital effects facility.

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