Sunday, 24 June 2018

2D Technical Director


Steve was the 2D Technical Director at Cinesite for Visual Effects and Digital Intermediate

Greenscreen shot used in compositingAt its peak, Cinesite Hollywood had over 30 compositors in their world class 2D (compositing) department and almost 50 CGI artists in their excellent 3D department. During its 12 year history Cinesite produced digital effects for major motion pictures such as "X-Men 2", "Solaris", "Clockstoppers", "Thirteen Ghosts", "Mission Impossible II", "Red Planet", and many, many more. As the 2D Technical Director for Cinesite's 2D department, Steve's mission was to be the "goto guy" for all of the compositors to solve all types of technical problems and devise novel solutions to compositing problems.

Bluescreen shot used in compositingSince the 2D department worked in cineon 10 bit log space and the 3D department worked in 16 bit linear space there was a chronic difficulty in maintaining color correctness when moving images between these two colorspaces which Steve addressed routinely. To get new hires up to speed rapidly on the Cineon compositing software and the unique issues of compositing in log space, he prepared training programs and training materials. He also helped to evaluate new commercially available software tools for the 2D department and worked closely with the engineering department to help specify new tools and test new software for production.




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