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Title Work

Preparing the titles for a feature film can entail the main titles, subtitles, lower thirds, end titles, and the end crawl. There are a number of technical and artistic issues for both the creation of the artwork and its artistic treatment during compositing to avoid digital artifacts. The issue of how to make the titles 4x3 title safe is just one of them. Steve has production experience creating the titles for over 20 feature films at 2 & 4K resolutions for both Digital Intermediate and D-Cinema productions and even several video features as well. Our sister-site, TitleWright, provides more infomation on the titling process as well as examples of our work.

For more information, sample work or for a quote on your title work, visit our sister site -

Composite & Treatment

Sometimes the title artwork is provided by the client as a white over black hicon image and is looking for an artistic treatment to be added during compositing. A title treatment normally entails a title color, an outline, and a drop shadow.

The Pagemaster - main titles
Son of the Pink Panther - main titles
The Woods - main titles
Open Range - main titles
Path to War - main titles (video)
Hart's War - main titles
Josie & The Pussycats - main titles

Artwork & Composite

Often the mission is to actually create the original title artwork as a white over black hicon image then apply the title treatment during compositing. Usually the client has already designed the titles in an Avid and has provided a video resolution reference.

Traffic - subtitles
Duma - main titles & end credits
The Woods - end credits
She Hate Me - subtitles & lower thirds
Ray - lower thirds
Fields of Freedom - roll-up, lower thirds & end credits (DCinema)
First Snow - end credits
Stay - French Canadian main-on-end titles
Big Momma's House 2 - French Canadian main titles
Black Dahlia - end credits
The Inquiry - end credits
Call + Response Rockumentary - end credits

Artwork Only

There are times when the title design is done at video resolution and the client needs film resolution artwork prepared that is suitable for compositing. For an end crawl this typically entails a 5000 frame animation at 2k resolution.

Harsh Times - subtitles

Design & Composite

On occasion the client actually needs the design of the titles done in addition to preparing the artwork and executing the compositing.

Imagine Films Entertainment: logo design for Ron Howard's production company circa 1990.
Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins - main titles & end credits (video)
L.A. Riot Spectacular - main title (video)
We Fight To Be Free - main titles, historical roll-ups, lower thirds, main-on-ends & end credits animation (DCinema)
Dorme - main titles & end credits animation


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